• Cult Cosmos – Octopus


  • The Salvador Cresta´s Home-Videos Vol. 7: “Archicuajirulo” [Video]

    The Salvador Cresta´s Home-Videos Vol. 7: “Archicuajirulo” from Salvita Cresta on Vimeo.

  • Daniel Klag – Moth Wings [Video]

    Reality and absorption the self as many season. Illusions of stillness lift expression through sustaining. You cast yourself on your surroundings and here, with each breath and pulse imperceptibly distorted spacing. Continuing change and widening. Released in April on Constellation Tatsu.

  • Proud Father – Natsu tēpu

    Proud Father is an all tape recording project from the ruins of New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Echopolite présente : Lionel Marchetti [Video]

    A Short documentary on French Music Concrete, courtesy of Echopolite Records.

  • Piper Spray – Epigraph to the Bright Star Catalogue

  • Michael RJ Saalman – Ripe Hymns [Video]

    Album drops October 1st. Crash Symbols.

  • Joy And Revolution – Synthophonic Lush

  • Cult Cosmos – Godz

  • White Poppy – Mix for Tatsu

  • The Rainbow Body – Free Sentient Beings

    The offerings here are composed from guitar, effects and loops. The Rainbow Body.

  • Atrocious Symphonies Compilation Vol​.​II

    A mouthful of light, circular vibrations, visceral enjoyment. Second compilation to relaunch Atrocious Symphonies Label after spending a couple of years out of Transilvania. The bounties of the new flesh could be experienced for you now.