Tame Impala • Innerspeaker

By: Dom


Tame Impala came to prominence in 2010 with their debut album Innerspeaker (Modular Records). Hailing from Perth, it’s the recording project of Kevin Parker; Singer, lead guitarist and renowned studio rat. The album is masterfully produced, and contains 11 tracks of steady flowing psychedelic groove. The dream-like melodies, fuzzy guitars and piercing drums all contribute to a project that breathes new life into a genre that was in danger of becoming bogged down in artists hiding behind simplistic walls of noise, repetitive drones and enough hardware on stage to mask a lack of imagination.

For a minute it looked as though listening to 21st Century ‘psychedelic rock’ meant either falling asleep or being awoken in surprise at a chord change.

Tame Impala is not just recording project. They’re live shows are tight, with inventive guitar solos, hypnotizing visuals and a small collection of great covers to complement their own material (See Tame Impala’s Cover of Angel by Massive Attack, and Remember Me by Blue Boy). Parker’s lyrics sound as though they were written in a beautiful haze, which compliments the disconnected feel of an album which sounds as isolated as the city which the band hail from. I don’t know what he’s on, but I want some.

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  1. Elane Daus wrote:

    no wonder the world is like this